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"...because it sounds cool."

Who are we?

NOKORI is a team of individuals that make games and software. We strive to make fun games along with well made, sturdy, lasting software. We want anyone to be able to enjoy what we make, while at the same time fostering more skilled users and players to allow for a special longetivity to our creations.

Deepak Bhagya

Where can you contact us?


If you have any queries, you can contact us at the above email. They can include anything ranging from applying to join the team, or getting support for our software/games. You can also send an email to just say hi if you want!


What are we making?

  • java game engine NOKORI ENGINE 2012-present

    NNGINE (pronounced "engine") for short, our multi-platform versatile game library is custom made from the LWJGL3 API. It supports both 2D and 3D games, and not only that, boasts a massive toolset that allows for users of any skill-level to take part in the creative process of making video games.

  • we shall wake prequel WE SHALL WAKE DEMO 7 2015

    WE SHALL WAKE DEMO 7 was a precursor game to WE SHALL WAKE made to show off our progress up to that point. Featuring 4 enemy types, 50 moves for the customizable moveset, numerous items, "logs," a gametype editor, and minor story elements - we consider DEMO 7 to be its own game. It's entirely free, and you can get it here. Website

  • 2012-present WE SHALL WAKE Post-World Accelerated Action Game

    Starting alongside NNGINE's development, WSW is a hyper-fast action game that features gameplay speeds unrivaled in its genre. Combining highspeed combat with a fluid movement system, WE SHALL WAKE provides a unique experience within the NNGINE library. Website

  • 2015-2017 ROBOT FARM Relaxing Farming jRPG

    After the successful release of WE SHALL WAKE DEMO 7, we needed time to upgrade NNGINE for our coming ambitious plans. In the meantime, the team split to make Robot Farm while the upgrades were made. Propping up its own unique systems, Robot Farm features a constant AI simulation in a massive generated world that fits seamlessly within its pre-made story scenario. Website


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