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"...because it sounds cool."

Who are we?

NOKORI is a diverse team of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We hope to make games and software that anyone can use and enjoy regardless of background and beliefs. Our dream is make experiences that act as a connecting force that brings people together for years to come.

NOKORI Samurai

Where can you contact us?


If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at the above email. They can include anything ranging from applying to join the team, or getting support for our software/games. You can also just say 'hi' if you want!


What are we making?

  • java game engine NOKORI·ENGINE 2012-present

    NNGINE (pronounced "engine") for short, is our custom game engine built with the LWJGL3 API. It supports both 2D and 3D games and has full Blender/Substance Painter integration. It differs from other game engines in that projects made with it will work across all Java supported platforms natively. Screenshot Showcase

  • branching dialogue editor JDIALOGUE 2018

    JDialogue is a highly customizable and open source branching dialogue editor for video games. It was made in one week by one of our programmers directly in response to the lack of free intuitive dialogue editors online. GitHub Repository

  • we shall wake prequel WE SHALL WAKE DEMO 7 2015

    DEMO 7 is a precursor to WE SHALL WAKE and was our first major release. Featuring 4 enemy types, 50 moves for a customizable moveset, numerous items, unlockable story logs, and a gametype editor; DEMO 7 is its own game entirely with hours of content. It's entirely free, and you can get it here. Website

  • 2015-Present ROBOT FARM Relaxing Farming jRPG

    Robot Farm is a fantasy life game that spans numerous genres. Build an autonomous farm of robots that will fund your adventures across a colorful world. Train to defeat the evil that lies waiting at World's Beckoning. Then build your own world and story with our dedicated modding tools. Website

  • LED fixture software N-WALL 2017

    In October of 2017, NOKORI·WARE spent a month developing software for large LED fixtures. The program dynamically creates optical illusions that give a sense of depth to three LED monitors arranged into a box. If the software interests your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us. Video Showcase


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